I have had the good fortune to experience IDCs at tropical paradise resorts, at Calypso in Tampa, and to work in several roles and situations as a dive instructor. Any IDC will teach you the PADI system, standards, etc. Any of them will teach you to pass the IE. But that OWSI certificate is only a starting point. At Calypso, I learned how to juggle scheduling, deal with difficulties, link courses (make money!). Their pool and classrooms, combined with realistic local diving, made it convenient. 


The store and staff are examples to be emulated. Course Director Larry is organized, diligent, pleasant, and highly intelligent. Course Director Gary is just as smart, as well as highly experienced and a fountain of ideas and techniques to deal with teaching and making a career as an instructor. Together they are an awesome team. And they are supported by a group of Master Instructors, and Staff Instructors. 


Tampa is inexpensive. Expensive flights or outrageous hotel rooms are not needed. 


Ed Benjamin

PADI Master Instructor

I did my Rescue and Divemaster certifications, as well as other specialty courses through Calypso. The instructors here accommodate what dates and times work best for you which was amazing and super helpful! Calypso doesn't cut corners and ensured I was confident in all my skills before certifying me. I felt safe with the whole process and would highly recommend professional training here!


Morgan Brandon

PADI Divemaster

As I thought about obtaining my PADI instructor certification, I did my research to find a dive shop that would give me the best chance for success. All roads lead me to Calypso Pro Dive. This was the best decision for me. The classes weren't rushed and allowed us the chance to learn the material but retain it. The classes were flexible so I was able to work my day job and attend classes at night. Having the indoor pool at Calypso provided us tools to practice what we learned and spending the extra time improving our skills if needed. Gary Tilden, our Course Director, was very patient and knowledgeable. He not only taught us the material but gave us real world examples for us to apply our new found knowledge. When it came time for us to take the IE, we were able to complete the pool skills in the Calypso pool which was an advantage for us. It was an excellent experience and I would highly recommend Calypso Pro Dive if you're thinking of taking the next step in your diving career.


Pat McCrink

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

I came to Calypso as a Divemaster with another certification agency.  Their attention to detail and very high standards kept me on my toes and made me both a better diver and instructor.   Their friendly staff was very welcoming and went that extra mile to ensure that I was fully prepared for the exams.


Marc Blander

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor